Friday, September 22, 2017

Bombs Bursting in Air - Ideas Spreading to Others

I included the fireworks graphic in blog article I posted last Sunday. I created the other graphics shown below in the 1990s. They each communicate the same idea of using information to support decisions and problem solving.

I launch a concept or idea with a blog post which I share via email and social media with my network. That's like the first stage of a fireworks explosion. When others pass my article on to their own networks, that's like the second and third stages of explosions that you see in a fireworks show. It's these efforts to pass on ideas that enables them to reach more people.

I keep emphasizing that there's a cost for me to collect and host ideas in my web library and to launch these ideas on my blogs. While my goal is that people give time, talent and dollars to support tutor and mentor programs in all high poverty areas of Chicago and other cities, I seek some who will support my own efforts.

We all want the same outcomes for youth. We need a knowledge base to support what we do to achieve these outcomes.

Each of us has a network of friends, family, coworkers, etc. who we can reach out to in an on-going effort to draw people to the information in the knowledge base, and to places where we can connect with each other, and with organizations working directly in different places to bring tutoring, mentoring and learning opportunities to youth.

Every time that you pass on articles like this you are part of an information sharing fireworks display! You are taking an active role in building the "village" of support kids and families need in high poverty neighborhoods throughout Chicago and the world.

Every time you make a contribution to support my work you are supporting the work done at the bottom of the pyramid shown above.

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