Saturday, February 03, 2018

Archiving Twitter Posts using Wakelet

A couple of days ago one of my #clmooc friends posted a link showing Wakelet as a possible replacement for Storify in archiving Twitter chats, using #hashtags as reference points.  I tried it out and I included a graphic, and a link, below to show my collection.

However, for discussion purposes, below are two Wakelet collections that shows my contributions to the November 2017 #mapvember project, which focused on creations using maps. I used #clmooc #mapvember and @tutormentorteam as the range of Tweets to look at.

Next, I created a second Wakelet, this time omitting @tutormentorteam and only using #clmooc and #mapvember. You can see that this results in a much wider range of Tweets contributed by educators from different parts of the US and the world.

Below is my home page on Wakelet, showing five hashtag collections that I harvested in just a few minutes time on Friday and today.

On each of the Wakelet collections your first click takes you to a cover page. Under the text box describing the collection is another box, with a link to the Twitter page that you created by doing the search, such as #tutor #mentor #mapvember.

It's a live page, so if you click on "latest"  you'll see post added even after the Wakelet was created.

This can be useful if you want to show people specific collections of information on Twitter, or point people to ideas you've been consistently sharing for months, or even years.

I wonder if donors, or potential partners of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC will build a greater understanding of what I've been trying to do by seeing on on-going flow of posts focused on specific topics?  

Note. You can also use TweetDeck to follow specific sets of #hashtags, such as #clmooc #mapvember @tutormentorteam, however, I don't see an easy way to share those to a blog or Twitter the way you can with Wakelet.

Another Note.  I'm just learning about this. I will be looking at how people from #clmooc transfer archived Storify files to Wakelet.  You can follow this too. Just open the Wakelet site and look around. Thus far, it's free. I hope it stays that way.

If you find this interesting, or look at the Wakelets I've posted, and value my work, please go to this page and make a small contribution to help me continue doing this work. 

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