Saturday, September 28, 2019

Concept Map Library - new page

I've been creating concept maps to visualize ideas since 2005. These are embedded in dozens of blog articles which you can find if you scroll through this set of articles.

I have built so many that I created a page on my web site where I showed all that have been created.  I've pointed to that link often.

Today, I built a new page, with a new link.  It is

If you click on the earlier version you'll still see the maps, however, I'm not updating these and the images are not always showing properly.

If you're interested in the concept maps, bookmark the link above, so whenever you want to visit the library you go to the most current page.

By the way. I'm not really happy with how this looks, but I've stretched my page building and HTML knowledge as far as it goes.  If someone wants to build a new page that I can put on the JOOMLA platform, please get in contact with me.

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