Monday, October 28, 2019

Join me on Twitter

Here's a Tweet that I have pinned to my @tutormentorteam profile on Twitter.

I've been posting ideas like this to Twitter since 2009.

Here's a response to a recent Tweet.

The blue box is an intermediary role
That's what I seek.  I created the Tutor/Mentor Connection in 1993 and the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC in 2011 to fill the intermediary role shown in this graphic.  While I host a huge web library I'm constantly seeing new ideas in the daily flow of activity on Twitter. When I comment on a post, like or reTweet a post, I'm sharing that with my followers and they share it with their followers if the pass it on.

Below is another example of how I  use Twitter to try to draw greater attention to youth tutor, mentor and learning programs in Chicago.

All programs have same needs
Any one can do what I do. In fact, I hope I'm inspiring many to do what I do. That way we'll draw needed attention and resources to EVERY youth tutor, mentor and learning program in the Chicago region.

How can you make more effective use of  Twitter?  Narrow your focus, using lists, hashtags and TweetDeck.

Twitter Lists. Below is a screenshot from my @tutormentorteam profile.  Along the left side you can see the "Lists" category. Click on that and you see how I've created lists under various categories. Open any list and you are narrowing the Tweets you're viewing to just those on the list.  You can view the profile of anyone on Twitter, and then subscribe to lists they have created.

click the image to enlarge

Tweet Deck is a way to view your lists, or specific conversations that have been identified with #hashtags. You can add as many columns to your TweetDeck as you choose. Then view one category at a time. 

click the image to enlarge

Here's one more way to narrow your world on Twitter.  I created this hashtag map a couple of years ago to archive some conversations that were important to me.

click this link to open the hashtag map

The groupings of #hashtags show different parts of what we need to know if we're going to do all we can to build and sustain school and non-school programs that help more kids living in high poverty areas move successfully through school and into adult lives.  Each node on the map has a small box at the bottom. If you click on this a link will open, which takes you to that conversation on Twitter.  Scroll through previous posts to see what's been shared and return often to see what's added in the future.

Each of these strategies enables you to spend time more efficiently on Twitter and ignore negative conversations that you don't want to be part of.  As you set up your account you can create your own lists, your own TweetDeck and your own concept maps.  Follow what's important to you.

Hopefully you're interested in helping well organized tutor, mentor and learning programs grow in Chicago and other places. That means my example should be a model for you to copy.  And, as you follow me and I follow you, I'll begin to learn from your example!

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