Monday, April 13, 2020

Mapping Sections of Tutor/Mentor Web Library

During April-June 2020 the web library on the site was updated to a new hosting format. I've built this library since late 1990s, and it has more than 2000 links divided into four major categories, with about 25 sub categories. 

Below are some concept maps that you can use to find information in various parts of the library.

This concept map shows resources that can help parents, volunteers and donors find youth tutor/mentor programs in Chicago.

The Chicago Programs link on this cmap still works.

The links on this concept map all point to external data mapping resources.

Create your own map stories using any of these data platforms.

I created this concept map to provide links to sites people can use to make decisions in upcoming elections.

Most links in this map  point to external sites. A few point to the T/MC library.

I've been using some of my blog articles as "mini-libraries" for topics that I don't focus on extensively in the main tutor/mentor library.  I created the concept map below to aggregate links to several articles that serve this purpose. Open any of the links, then scroll to the bottom of the article and find many updates pointing to external sites.

Open map at this link

Here's another concept map that focuses on public health resources.

Most of the links on this map point to external sites
These are just a few of the concept maps that I've created since 2005. You can find the entire library at  Take some time to open them all and then use them to support your own learning, or to support learning by groups of people.  Create your own to aggregate information related to issues important to you, or your community.  

On each map is a "help me" button. I depend on contributions to keep these maps on-line and updated and to do all I do every day to connect people with ideas that they can use to build mentor-rich systems of support for youth living in high poverty areas.

Here's the link to a page where you can use PayPal to send a contribution.

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