Wednesday, August 12, 2020

How Is Covid-19 Affecting your Youth Program?

 We're  now six months into the Covid-19 pandemic with no end in sight. School is starting in a few weeks, with many opting for continued on-line virtual learning.  How is this affecting youth serving organizations in Chicago and beyond?

I'm pleased to introduce the team at GrowthWorks, a Michigan based consulting group, led by Phil Roos, who is a former volunteer from the 1980s tutor/mentor program I led.  . 

The GrowthWorks team has expanded their consulting during the pandemic, to launch conversations with a variety of people, to learn how they are doing.  Now they would like to extend that, reaching out to leaders of youth serving non-profits to understand how they are coping and what their plans are for the coming year.

They describe their goal in this blog article. I encourage you to read and share it.

I'll be sharing this on my social media channels and my email newsletter and will reach out to a few Chicago programs to encourage them to take part in these conversations.  However, if you are interested please contact GrowthWorks directly, at

8-13-2020 update:  GrowthWorks sent this information out in an email newsletter today, which you can read at this link

3-15-2021 update:  GrowthWorks published this article today summarizing it's conversations with youth program leaders. 

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