Thursday, March 04, 2021

Case for Business Investment in Tutor/Mentor Programs

I created graphics like the one at the left to visualize the 12 years of constant support needed to assure that more kids born or living in high poverty areas are in jobs with networks of support by their mid 20's.

You can find examples like this in many of my blog articles.  Most of these focus on non-school, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs as an important resource.  They provide on-going benefit to youth and to the volunteers who get involved.  

They need constant support and that's the problem for most, who are relatively small and don't have staff for advertising, public relations, fund raising, etc.  Thus, I've created a series of concept maps showing why businesses should support such programs. Below is one:

Here's the link to the cMap.

Creating these is only one step in an on-going process. Sharing them and increasing the number who view them, then use them, is actually much more difficult, since I've never had the advertising budget to build awareness for them.  

So I've been sharing them via my Twitter feed and on Facebook and Linkedin.  Below is a Tweet thread posted in the past few days.

Take a look.  Share the concept maps and my blog articles with others. Use 
for your own learning and leadership and create your own versions to share with others.

I don't need a huge advertising budget if every day one, or many, are reading these articles and sharing them with others.

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