Thursday, May 06, 2021

Learning Journey from Past Week

Below I'm sharing some posts from Twitter that show different learning and engagement that I've been part of from the past week.  Visit @tutormentorteam on Twitter and see more like these.

This is from May 5.  I watched a ZOOM event that showed how far every state in the USA is from meeting the United Nation's Global Goals.  I'm not sure that many actually think that these relate to the USA.  Visit the website and look at the data.

This from May 3.
I met the founder of the @ChiBuildings Chicago Cityscape site a few years ago at ChiHackNight. I would love to have this talent working with me to re-energize the Tutor/Mentor Program Locator and the GIS mapping capacity that the Tutor/Mentor Connection had between 1994 and 2011. 

On Sunday, May 2
, I watched the Commencement ceremonies of Illinois Wesleyan University, where I earned a BA in History in 1968 and was awarded a Doctor of Humane Letters degree in 2001. The keynote speaker was Geisha Williams, the only Latina CEO of a Fortune 200 company.  She's also the wife of one of my Acacia fraternity brothers!  View the video to see here speech, then ask yourself, "Why not me?"
Here's a blog article featuring Geisha Williams and the "Why not me" video message.  Here's her address at the IWU commencement. 

This from April 28.  I watched this #ConnectedKidsSummit and Tweeted out the link to other groups focusing on the Digital Divide. One of the panel members was former Cabrini Connections volunteer, ?Courtland Madlock, who now works for US Cellular. 

This from April 28. 
The City of Chicago has launched a new planning initiative under the title of We Will Chicago. Maps were used to show indicators of inequality and need in different parts of Chicago.  Use the hashtag #WeWillChicago to follow these Tweets.

During the past week I posted graphics from one of the folders on my PC. My goal is that a) these influence thinking; and b) these motivate people to create and share their own versions.

Finally, I've started my annual review of links in the list of Chicago tutor and/or mentor programs that I've hosted since 1993. I've already had to fix a few broken links and delete a couple of programs that no longer are operating. As I did this I posted Tweets like the one below. My goals were a) draw attention, volunteers and donors to these programs; b) model an activity that I hope thousands of others will duplicate, raising much greater awareness and influencing a much stronger flow of resources to these programs than what I can do by myself.

I've also completed updating most of the PDF presentations I have hosted on and since 2011.   Many of the graphics I share come from these presentations that were originally created using PowerPoint.  

All of this work is intended to influence the work people do to make mentor-rich, non-school learning programs available in every high poverty neighborhood of Chicago and other cities, and to motivate programs to share information on their websites that helps others learn what they do, and how they do it.  By borrowing ideas from others, and having greater access to the dollars and talent needed to implement the ideas, each program can constantly increase their impact on the lives of youth and the volunteers who work with them.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to connecting with you. 

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