Tuesday, November 30, 2021

It's Giving Tuesday.

It's GivingTuesday today. My email inbox, Twitter and Facebook feeds, have been filled with appeals from youth serving programs.

I made small contributions to a few, but in no way can I support them all. Yet, they all need support, not just today, but every day, throughout the year.

That's why this graphic is important.

Through this blog, and my social media posts, I'm encouraging people I know, or who follow my posts, to visit the lists of programs I host at http://www.tutormentorexchange.net and look at the websites of various programs located in different parts of the Chicago region.

Pick one or two programs and send them contributions today. Do it next year, and the next, and the next.

Why? Because it takes 12 years to move from 1st grade through 12th grade and a few more to be anchored in a job.  Kids in high poverty areas need consistent extra support, not just a little here, and a little there.

And that requires on-going funding of those organizations who are trying to provide some of that support.

I hosts a Chicago list.  I also maintain Twitter, Facebook and Instagram lists. This makes it easy for anyone to get to know programs operating in the Chicago region.

I encourage people in other cities to build and share their own lists.  That enables anyone else to use their communications talent and social media to draw people they know, to the lists, and to youth serving programs who are working to help kids.

Note: Including a program on my list does not mean I think they are a great program or offer any endorsement, other than to say "they are there" and "look at their website to get to know them".  In other articles on this blog I invite people to help me maintain the lists, and to dig deeper to build a better understanding of what services are offered, what age groups are served, etc.

I created this PDF as a tool people could use as they look at youth tutor/mentor program websites. What information should they be seeing that would convince them to become a volunteer or donor or get their child involved?  

Very few organizations provide all of this information on their websites.  Unless donors ask for it, and do so by providing donations to those who do, and providing donations to help others collect this information and post it to websites, few programs will show this much.

My role is to spread ideas and inspiration and influence actions of others.  Today, the goal is that you choose one, or many, youth serving organizations to support with GivingTuesday donations.

Thank you to all who read this and to all who make donations today.

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