Thursday, January 13, 2022

Sharing work via Wakelet

 My #clmooc friend Terry Elliott introduced me to Wakelet a couple of years ago and recently demonstrated how you could aggregate posts in a single Wakelet. Here's one article on his blog that demonstrated it to me. 

Below are some examples you can find in my own Wakelet account

I've posted more than 1000 articles on this blog since starting it in 2005. They all focus on strategies and actions that help mentor-rich non-school programs grow in high poverty places and reach K-12 youth with on-going support intended to help more kids move safely through school and into work.

While I've tagged articles to help people narrow their reading focus, unless the Tutor/Mentor Connection (1993-present) is part of a formal course of instruction at the high school or college level, it's not likely that many people are going to dig through the blog to learn all that's available.

Thus, I've created a collection on Wakelet, each with 7-10 articles, that I hope will help narrow the learning path and engage more people from Chicago and around the world.

There are already many youth tutor, mentor and learning programs operating  in Chicago and around the country. However, few people are aggregating lists of programs and trying to use maps to show what area of the city the programs serve, or what age group.

Building that information base enables anyone to ask "How can we do this better?"  How can we help existing programs get the resources to operate and constantly improve by borrowing ideas from each other?

How can we help new programs form in areas where more are needed, then also get the continuous flow of resources needed to keep kids and volunteers connected from year-to-year? 

As you do your day of service to celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, spend some time looking at these articles and discussing them with friends, co-workers and others.  Put the ideas to work this year and next year celebrate what's been accomplished.

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