Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Steps Leaders Can Take

As news spread yesterday of Elon Musk buying Twitter I posted this concept map asking "what would happen if Elon Musk adopted this strategy?"

Then, last night, I had a nightmare that repeats often.  "How would I explain the Tutor/Mentor Connection/Institute in ways a leader like Musk might quickly understand?  It took me 45 years to develop my own understanding. I suspect the attention span of busy CEOs would be less than a few minutes."

Then I thought of a "Role of Leaders" essay that I created in the mid 2000s.  The graphic below is from page 2.  It asks "What will it take to assure that all youth in every poverty area of Chicago (and other places) are entering careers by age 25?  How can you and your industry help?"

The answer to my problem is that I don't need to teach people everything about the Tutor/Mentor Connection. I need to convince them to show their commitment by providing leadership, following the steps shown in this strategy essay.

Here's the full essay.  Bring a group together and discuss this with them. 

Make the commitment and appoint a "get it done" person to lead your company's effort. Start a research project, and start a communications campaign. At the end of the year recap what you did, what you learned from your work, and that of others, and launch planning that repeats your efforts the next  year.

Continue this for 10-20 years and you and people in your company will know more about what I've been trying to do than I do.

And, maybe, you'll have more impact.

This applies to colleges and high schools, too.  Create a student/alumni learning group that applies the same steps.  

Here's one article where I describe how universities could take the lead in helping youth in areas surrounding the university move through school, through college, and into jobs and careers. 

The article includes an outline of steps that could be taken at any university, or even at high schools.

I end the presentation with this slide, saying "it only takes two or three people on campus to launch a Tutor/Mentor Connection."

Well, what if Elon Musk or MacKenzie Scott, or some other billionaire, were to provide money for such a program to grow on a college campus?  And keep it growing for many years.

That would create a generation of new leaders who operate youth tutor/mentor programs, lead schools in high poverty areas, lead companies and universities, and hold political positions in every city and state.  And they all constantly network and learn from each other. They all work to generate a flow of operating resources that reaches every place within the ecosystem of people and organizations working to solve this problem. 

They all contribute to web libraries that anyone can use to constantly improve their own efforts.

View graphic in this "tipping point" article.

The answer to my nightmare is that I don't need to teach people everything that I've learned. I just need to motivate them to put one foot forward toward decades of learning and leadership. 

Who's taking this role?

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