Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mapping the Killings: Where Chicago Public School Students have been Killed

The Chicago SunTimes has created a web page showing locations where kids have been killed in the past year.

As you view this I encourage you to look at the Tutor/Mentor Connection's zip code map, the see if there are any volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in these areas who you could help as a volunteer, donor, business leader.

If you see a neighborhood with few programs, or where there are few programs for specific age groups, like teens, for instance, you can use the information on the Tutor/Mentor Connection web site to help create new programs. Or if the program in an area is not as well developed as programs in other parts of Chicago, or in other cities, you can offer your time, talent and dollars to help these programs. They cannot do it alone, and without the resources provided by volunteers and donors.

I hope you'll bookmark these sites so that every time you read about a shooting, or a poorly performing school, or a workforce development issue, you'll visit these sites to see if there are any programs working to help kids in specific zip codes, and to see what role you can take to help every neighborhood have a full range of great programs helping kids stay safe, and stay headed to jobs and careers.

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