Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looking beneath the surface of a tutor/mentor program

I saw a blog article that used the illustration of an iceberg to show that there's a lot more to marketing than what you see. When someone visits a tutor/mentor program and seeks a youth and volunteer meeting, they immediately start asking about test results and impact outcomes. I'd like them to take a look at what it takes just to get this youth and volunteer connected, and to keep them connected as the youth moves toward high school graduation.

I scratched out a graphic of what made a good tutor/mentor program possible, and asked Chris Warren, our Public Interest Fellow from Northwestern University, to see if he could clean this up for me. The image on this page is his rendition. On the Tutor/Mentor Connection web site you can read the article I wrote explaining what it takes to make this connection.

We've made the commitment to put our time and talent into making this happen. Can you make a commitment to providing the operating dollars to help one of more of the different tutor/mentor programs in Chicago? Visit this list to learn more about different programs in the region.

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Northwest Earth Institute, posted an article titled "A SYSTEMS THINKING MODEL: THE ICEBERG" which offers a parallel explanation of the iceberg graphic in my post. See the article at http://www.nwei.org/resources/iceberg/