Monday, October 13, 2008

Tutor/Mentor Survey comments

In August we created a survey to learn about the different tutor/mentor programs we're connecting with. We had 25 responses and you can read our summary, and see the full survey at

Skills improvement, staying in school, long term connection with students and volunteer were the most important goals, but none of these was rated most important by more than 33%.

No one rated college enrollment, starting jobs or careers or staying connected to programs at later ages as most important. In fact, staying connected to the program was least important to 63% of programs. College and career were least important to more than 40% of respondents. Although staying in school through high school graduation was most important to 68%. What happens after that? How do we attract business support if our goals don’t lead kids to jobs?

I think this shows that we had a small sample and many different kinds of programs represented. However, this illustrates an understanding that I've built over many years. The "tutoring/mentoring" world is very diverse. I think that building an understanding, or grouping of different kinds of programs, would have a lot of value, and could help programs focused on similar goals work together to find the resources to achieve those goals.

What do you think? I hope you'll visit the survey page and add your discussion. If you've experience doing surveys, and making sense of the information, we'd love to have you volunteer your time and talent to work with us.

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