Monday, June 08, 2009

YOUTH TODAY article features T/MC Maps

This map was on the front page of the June 2009 issue of YOUTH Today, the newspaper on youth work. It was part of a set of stories showing how youth organizations are using maps to draw attention to social services groups in different cities.

The link on the YouthToday site is here, but you need to register to view it.

Take a look at the Tutor/Mentor Program Locator. We built this, and our entire mapping strategy, over the past year with the help of an anonymous donor who provided $50,000 in fall 2007.

Now we're looking for another benefactor who will fund our continued innovation and operation of the tutor/mentor program locator for the next few years. This service not only requires the ability to create these maps, and support the interactive technology, but also requires us to contact all of the tutor/mentor programs in the Chicago region on a regular basis to make sure our data is current, and to show them how to use this service.

We don't expect government funding for this, because we're innovating into the unknown as we create this service. We need the type of donor who would fund this type of effort, with flexible dollars, based on the purpose and the potential.

Is that you?

If you know of a donor, or benefactor, who would support this, please introduce us. If you're in another city and want this service, we can give it to you at no cost, if you can help us find the donors who we need to provide the service.

We all win when we work together to make this service available. Call 312-492-9614 if you have suggestions, or email me at

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