Friday, November 05, 2010

Ideas shared around the world

I received this email this week from Dr. J in Africa. On the Africa Group of our Ning page you can see how we're connecting others from Africa with our ideas and each other.

Christian greetings to you our staff, donors, supporters and all prayer partners who has of helped and is helping TUTOR/MENTOR CONNECTION.

This organization has been of a great benefit to Schools. We learn more as teachers and used all the lectures and teacher learning materials (T.L.M.) ideas and experience gained to educate our students.

Tutor/mentor needs more funds to reach the unreached children in all over the world especially Africa, Asia and all under developed countries throughout the world.
Hope you would do your possible best to assist tutor/mentor to become the world's famous organization where men and and women could acquire knowledge to help train the children to learn how to read and write to become great men of tomorrow. God bless you.

Yours tuly,

Bishop Dr. J.B.Saforo

When we created the T/MC in 1992 we did not realize we would be a resource for people in other parts of the world, but we did feel that most people who might use our services could not afford to pay us consulting fees. We felt that we could raise enough money from people who shared our vision of mentoring and tutoring and of helping disadvantaged youth to pay our bills.

While we have been able to innovate and build the T/MC and provide ideas for people like Dr. Saforo, we have not been able to consistently raise enough money to support the T/MC and everyone we serve as well as we'd like.

A survey done last spring by 3 Net Impact Chicago volunteers showed that of 10 mentoring partnerships in the US, the T/MC had the least amount of revenue and was supporting the largest regional population, but was doing some things, like our mapping and directory of programs, that no other city was doing. The survey still needs more work, but here is the initial report.

Make a donation or a bequest to support the T/MC, and we can do more to support people like Dr. Saforo, as well as more than 200 tutor/mentor programs in the Chicago region.

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