Friday, November 12, 2010

This is Cabrini Connections, This is Chicago.

Program walkthrough from Cabrini Connections on Vimeo.

Please watch this video and show it to friends, co-workers and potential sponsors. For Cabrini Connections to be a place where inner city youth and volunteers from a wide range of business backgrounds can connect, we must find a wide range of donors and benefactors who help us pay the costs of rent, utilities, insurance, staff and program support.

Once you look at the video and see what is happening in the Cabrini Connections space each week, visit our web site to see activities that take place throughout the year.

Then look at the map below.

Cabrini Connections served teens living in one small part of Chicago. The city has more than 200,000 k-12 youth living in poverty neighborhoods. The suburbs have a growing number of youth living in families where there are not adults modeling college and career opportunities that youth can aspire to, and that the nation needs to fill.

When you look at a map like this you should be able to click on the icons representing tutor/mentor programs, and go to web sites with videos just like this one, to see a wide range of mentors and learning supporting youth in that neighborhood. Note. you can visit the Tutor/Mentor Program Locator's interactive map and click on the green stars to learn about existing tutoring and/or mentoring programs in Chicago. You'll not find many with videos on their web sites showing how volunteers and youth are connecting to each other.

Right now that's not possible because too many neighborhoods don't have programs like Cabrini Connections, and too few leaders in media, politics, religion, business and/or philanthropy are taking a proactive role in trying to provide the resources programs like Cabrini Connections need to get started in a neighborhood, then grow over 15 or more years to become established and effective at connecting youth with a wide range of volunteers.

As we get set to elect a new Mayor and a new set of aldermen, look for evidence that these people can, and will, mobilize volunteers and donors to help build and sustain tutor/mentor programs in their districts, and in all of the high poverty neighborhoods shown on our maps.

Next week we'll host two events focused on helping all tutor/mentor programs, including Cabrini Connections, find needed resources.

Mapping Solutions, at Webster Wine Bar, starting Monday, Nov. 15 and running through Nov. 27.

Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference, Nov. 19 at U.S. Cellular Field from 8:30 am till 5:pm. At the end of the day a Waiting for Superman Panel will discuss the documentary movie and talk of how non-school volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs fit into the broad strategy of helping kids grow up and prepare for adult lives.

If you want to come to the conference just for the panel discussion, we will not charge fees for anyone coming after 3:30pm. The panel starts at 4pm.

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