Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Longer School Day in Chicago?

While the Mayor, the Chicago Teacher's Union, and parent groups debate the merits, costs and content of a longer school day, what library of information and ideas is available as a central resource for everyone learning about ideas which could be applied to make what happens at school more transformative for kids?

Here's a video that was shared by friends in a Facebook group that focuses on education. It shows a strategy being implemented in a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel.

I've been aggregating links to web sites that share information about education, poverty, social capital, drop out issues, etc. so that learning circles in business, faith groups, community organizations, etc. could draw from this information in weekly discussions and on-going learning that would result in a wider range of ideas, a more sophisticated understanding of the problems, and greater innovation and commitment to shared solutions.

When the media do full page stories talking about one part of the education puzzle, readers should know where to go to find more information related to this issue so they can build a more informed understanding of what is a complex problem and requires a long-term solution and the involvement of many different sectors, not just teachers, students and parents.

I don't attempts to point to every education and learning resource, but try to find others who provide greater depth in their own on-line libraries. If you're collecting this type of information and leading on-line and place-based discussions, share your web site with me.

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