Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Mapping Global Environmental Crisis Discussion

This New York Times blog article about the Planet Under Pressure conference contains a Debategraph map that outlines the topics of the conference.

I've written about the need for massive online learning communities to connect people interested in poverty, education, workforce development, racial justice, etc. with information and networks of people in an on-going learning process that leads to better understanding of issues and more direct action by people, organizations and governments.

I've also set up this discussion on Debategraph, thanks to the help provided by David Price, one of the co-owners. I feel there's a link between what I'm focused on and what the environmentalist focus on because the ability to learn and understand issues and develop innovative solutions is at the heart of any ability of a world society to solve problems that cross borders and affect people in all parts of the world.

I encourage you to visit these and follow the discussions. I think the challenge will be to find facilitators who will lead people into parts of these maps, and lead small group discussions of the information in each section in an on-going and organized way that builds an overall understanding and leads to more people using the information and ideas to work locally and globally to solve these problems.

If you know of any reporters who'd want to add the "mentoring kids to careers" map to their media blogs, please encourage them to take that step. If you have some experience with Debategraph, or similar formats, please share your thoughts.

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