Sunday, September 30, 2012

Share the Information Collection Effort

I've been posting some of my PDF essays on for almost a year now and so far have recorded 25,400 reads. I started posting some of these on Slide Share too and I've just learned that I could embed the presentations in my blog. On Friday I posted one from SlideShare (see here) . This is from Scribd.

Community Information Collection: A Shared Effort
My aim is to share ideas and recruit talent, leaders and financial support from business, colleges, high schools and faith groups to help these ideas become part of the strategies leaders apply in many places to help kids in high poverty have an expanded network of adult support that helps them move through school and into work.

Collecting, organizing, visualizing, sharing and helping people understand the information is critically important and cannot be done well with just a few people involved.

I hope you'll look at these. Which platform do you prefer? Slideshare? Scribd? Is there another platform I should be using?

Want to help?

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