Sunday, October 28, 2012

Expanding network of support for kids

Wow. I just watched the Chicago Bears pull victory from the jaws of defeat after playing one of the worst games I can remember them playing.

What's this got to do with helping inner city kids? For the past few months millions of dollars and countless TV, Radio and print advertising messages have told us why to elect one person or another for national, state and local elections. Yet after the election we won't be any further than we are now in building a system of non-school supports for kids living in high poverty.

I've been sharing some of the PDF essays I've written over the past decade in my blog posts. This one focuses on network building.

Ideas for Expanding Network of People Working for Social Benefit

During the coming week I'm going to continue to reach out through Facebook, Twitter, Linked in any my blogs to connect with others who are trying to increase the flow of needed resources to all of the volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs operating in Chicago and other cities.

I hope some of these people will participate in the Nov. 19 Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference or connect on Twitter at #tmconf_chi. I hope some will provide talent and dollars to support my efforts. I hope some will want to take ownership of these ideas in the coming years.

This graphic shows the talent and skills I hope to connect with in my network-building over the coming week. If you can help let's connect.

We can snatch victory for inner city kids and volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs from the jaws of those who seem to be ignoring them.

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