Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reaching More People

Last October I began posting articles like the one below on in order to give me a better count of who was looking at these and to try to encourage readers to go back to articles written in the past that are still relevant today.

I've been creating these articles since the mid 1990s to visualize my ideas. I've posted them on the Tutor/Mentor Institute site since the early 2000s. While some people have contacted me asking to use them, I don't get a good tracking of web visits from the library on the T/MI site.

By mid November 2011 I was seeing that the number of people reading this was growing and I predicted that at the end of one year I'd have recorded 25,000 reads. The count today is at almost 27,000 and that's with no advertising support at all.

Economic inequality: The real cause of the urban school problem

Now that I'm headed into a second year I hope that a few advertisers, volunteers and potential partners will look at ways they can help me produce these essays in video, animation and other formats to even more people look at them.

At what visit count do I have to achive before an advertiser/benefactor would want his/her name listed as a producer on the credits page for these projects? If I can attract funding I can enlist people with more writing and creative talent than I have and these presentations will have greater impact and growing readership. That means more visibility to sponsors and partners.

Interested in helping? Connect with me on Twitter @tutormentorteam or on Facebook at

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