Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Connected Learning - The future

As you read the article I posted earlier today about philanthropy, I encourage you to view this video and imagine how volunteers, staff, students in non-school tutor/mentor programs in poverty neighborhoods can bring this form of learning to youth who may never get this from the public or charter school in their neighborhood.

This is from a MOOC that is just starting, titled "Making Learning Connected". I plan to join and I hope you'll encourage some of the people in your network to join as well.


tellio said...

I am one of the facilitators on #clmooc and would like to invite you to a Vialogue about the Seely Brown video. Vialogue allows you to comment on the video with text. You need to join to interact but it is free and it really gives you a different way to interact and a different way to get others to interact with you.
Here is the link:

Dogtrax said...

There is a lot going on with this video, and the way it connects to rethinking the approach in classrooms is critical. Thanks for resharing it and for being part of the emerging conversations on the Making Learning Connected MOOC.

Tutor Mentor Connections said...

The difficult concept that I'm trying to convey is that this thinking can be applied in non-school hours in a variety of organized youth programs, where the adults involved are people from different business backgrounds who may apply some of these ideas every day in their work. If we only focus on solutions that originate in the school we leave many people on the sidelines who should be helping.