Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chicago Mayor says "Enough is Enough".

In response to another wave of violence in Chicago, I heard Mayor Emmanuel use the term "Enough is Enough" to show his frustration. At the left is a 1994 Chicago Tribune article where the same quote is made after a conference on violence in Washington, DC.

At the right is a 2007 Chicago SunTimes story following the killing of a Chicago youth, Blair Holt. View this news360 article, Chicago Police Commander Ronald Holt, whose son, Blair, was murdered while riding a CTA bus, says a root cause of violence is “Hopelessness. People living in poverty who have developed a ‘I don’t care’ attitude. So the slightest of things will set them off and heaven forbid they’re in possession of an illegal firearm.”.

If you search this blog, for the word ENOUGH, you'll find articles I've posted since 2007, like this one, that offers the same strategy intended to mobilize more, and more people from the entire Chicago region, in efforts that build a better understanding and deeper commitment, to the many on-going actions needed to help re-build hope in areas where this is one of the root causes of so much violence.

I've invited Mayors, media, leaders in business, religion, hospital, law firms and the entire VILLAGE to take ownership of this strategy, with limited success.

I repeat that invitation again today, with a reminder, there is no quick fix.

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