Monday, September 07, 2015

Non-school youth orgs. A jobs-creating strategy?

It's Labor Day 2015 and working people throughout the US and the world are facing huge challenges to find full employment at living wage levels. I've been following several writers who are more eloquent than I on this topic. Robert Reich is one. Hedrick Smith is another.

I've been using visualizations to show my vision of comprehensive, volunteer-based tutoring, mentoring and learning programs that help kids through school and expand the network of adults who also help kids into jobs and careers. I feel that this form of mentoring can create future workers.

However, how many of you have thought of how well-organized non-school programs can be a jobs-creation strategy for current workers? I created the presentation below a few years ago. The idea needs many leaders to become a reality.

Citywide Youth Supports Infrastructure - a Jobs Creation Strategy? by Daniel F. Bassill

This is one of many illustrated essays that I've created since the mid-1990s. I host a list on this page of the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC site. I've posted some of these on and on Slideshare so I can get a better count on how many are being viewed. The collection on has recorded over 30,000 reads. This means that it's possible that one or more of these has been seen by someone who could become a benefactor/investor or partner to help me upgrade the quality of these presentations or circulate them to a larger audience. It also means that some of these ideas may be already influencing actions in places around the world, but that I don't know this is happening.

I've been communicating ideas about building stronger, longer, tutor/mentor programs in high poverty areas of Chicago and other cities since the early 1990s. This link points to printed newsletters which were my form of message-dissemination in the 1990s. This page points to archives of email newsletters.

I'm off to a family picnic soon. I hope each reader enjoys his own celebration today and that we find ways to connect in the coming weeks and months.

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