Sunday, January 17, 2016

Use of Cartoons to Draw Attention and Communicate Ideas

Kevin Hodgson, a middle school teacher in Western Massachusetts, who I met via the Making Learning Connected cMOOC,  has been creating cartoons and using them to tell stories for the past few weeks.  He's sharing them on this Tumblr site.

As I looked at these this morning I was reminded of an animated cartoon done by an intern from South Korea, via IIT in Chicago, during his work with Tutor/Mentor Connection in Chicago. 

This animation is timely because as part of National Mentoring Month, many athletes and celebrities are part of videos that show the importance of mentoring, and to encourage others to become involved. My goal is to motivate more athletes, teams and sponsors to focus on building great tutor/mentor programs in multiple locations throughout big cities, and on the actions that help such programs become great, and stay great, over a period of years.

I've suggested to Kevin and others that students from schools across the country could be learning to communicate ideas and strategies, just as interns have been doing with me since 2006.  Here's more videos by past interns. 

The strategy ideas interns have been visualizing focus on this, and help draw the attention of a growing number of people who could adopt, and duplicate, these ideas as part of their own leadership.

I'm looking for volunteers and sponsors to help update the web sites where I share these, and to update the videos themselves. More than that, I'm also looking for web sites where others are collecting and hosting videos created with the same focus of  helping youth living in high poverty, as my videos have.  

Connect with me if you'd like to discuss involvement. 

Note: the contact information at the end of this video has changed since the video was created. I'm no longer part of the Cabrini Connections program and now lead the Tutor/Mentor Connection as part of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC. 

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