Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dig into Idea Library I've Built Since 1994

While I've created more than 1000 blog articles since 2005, I started putting strategy ideas into printed newsletters in 1994 as we were launching the Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) in Chicago.  I began to turn words into pictures and create strategy visualizations about the same time. Then in 1998 I created a Tutor/Mentor Institute page on one of my web sites to share these ideas.


Visit this page and browse through this collection. Since they are on-line, you can gather a group, project these on a screen, and discuss ways you can apply the ideas in your own neighborhood, city or country.

Then, visit this page and see how interns from universities in the US and Asia have created their own interpretations of my articles and presentations.  This is work students from any place could be doing.  Take a look. Browse the ideas. Engage your students and community.

All of these could be done better, with more creativity and greater impact.  If you'd like to volunteer time, talent and dollars and work directly with me to update these, just introduce yourself on one of these social media sites.

If you want to go ahead and create your own version of any of these, go ahead. Just put in a link to where the ideas originated.


Umair Wasi said...

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing such a great idea, "turn words into picture" i like the theme.

Umair Wasi


Tutor Mentor Connections said...

I don't normally approve posts which are an effort to draw attention to the tutoring services of the person who submitted the comment. For those who I do approve, I hope they will use the blog on their site, and the connections they have with students, to write similar articles talking about poverty and inequality in their own countries and how people who don't live in poverty can be helping provide support and opportunities for those who do.