Monday, August 28, 2017

Volunteer Involvement in Tutor/Mentor Programs - A Growth Strategy

I created this graphic in the 1990s to illustrate how volunteers who become deeply involved in volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs often become evangelists who reach into their personal, family, business and faith networks to get more people involved.  I've suggested that if this were a strategy at  more programs it could lead to greater on-going support for all tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and other cities.

Last week I posted a blog with a volunteer-growth strategy map. See it here.  

I have been inspired to use Thinglink and similar tools by educators I've met over the past five years who are part of a Connected Learning #clmooc.    Below is a version of the featured graphic from last week's blog article, using Thinglink to focus on the four elements of the graphic.

Visit this page and follow the links to where #clmooc members meet on various social media platforms.  Leaders, volunteers and students in tutor, mentor and learning programs could be following this group the same way I do and could be creating their own visualizations to show the strategies of their own programs.

At some point in the future you should see a version of this on a growing number of Chicago and national tutor/mentor program web sites if enough people share this article with people involved in these programs.

Try it.  Then share what you've created.

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