Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hospitals as hub for urban development and reducing inequality

I have written many articles over the past 12 years, focusing on the role hospitals could be taking to reduce inequality, improve public schools, lower health care costs and draw more young people into health care careers. Here's one article. Find others by clicking the #publichealth tag at the left.

In many of these I'm pointing to articles and research written by others to support my efforts to motivate hospital leaders to take on a broader set of goals (and to invite me into their conversations).

Today I was pointed to an article titled The Often Overlooked Solution to Income Inequality, which shows that hospitals, as the major employer in many inner city neighborhoods, could take on a much broader set of goals "to help make cities truly livable".

Below is a strategy plan template that was started by a team of DePaul University grad students in 2001. I've updated it a few times since then.

If you're involved with leadership at an urban hospital or teaching university I encourage you to use this and other articles I've written to stimulate thinking and discussion of strategic goals for your institution.

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