Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Racism and the Economy - Get Informed

Today I watched 3 hours of panel discussions hosted by the Federal Reserve Banks of Minneapolis and Boston, with participation from all 12 Feds. The topic was Racism and the Economy. You'll be able to watch this, and find previous events, on this page.  Read this blog article, summarizing the event.

I Tweeted comments and shared those of others using the #RacismandtheEconomy hashtag. 

Below I'm posting a few Tweets that were made. I really hope that many people will visit the Twitter conversation and read these, then visit the home page and look at this and past events hosted by the Federal Reserve Banks over the past year.

The first panel provided the statistical background, showing the severity of this problem. 


another: another: another: Tweet by me: Imagine the power and influence of the 12 Federal Reserve banks adopting this commitment, and supporting this 4-Part Strategy. 

View this article to understand the components of the strategy map that I've invited the Federal Reserve Banks to adopt.  In the upper left corner it shows that one role they would take is to enlist leaders from every industry, in the cities where they have influence, to also adopt the strategy.

In this article I show Step 2 of the 4-part strategy that can be accessed from the middle link on the strategy map.  Step 2 focuses on building public awareness, while Step 3 focuses on helping people understand the information your are putting in your library. 

Thus, the Presidents of the Federal Reserve would be making a long-term commitment to collecting and sharing information and solutions related to Racism and the Economy.

Here's one more Tweet

When one of the Presidents referred to the Rodney King riots in L.A. I pulled an image from my own library that I have used since the 1990s to motivate people to "never forget" and continue working toward solutions.  I encourage you to read my "After the Riots, Do the Planning" article of April 2015. 

Imagine how much could be accomplished if the different Federal Reserve Banks adopted the Tutor/Mentor Connection commitment and strategy and led it for the next 25 years, using the full weight of their influence and resources, just as I have done for the past 25 years.

Interested? Recruit a "get it done" person, a rising star, and assign her to review this Role Of Leaders PDF, and the concept maps I've shared. At the end of each year ask "What have we done? What did we learn? and What will we do next year?"

Maybe much would be different in 2045 than now. 

Note: I've attended events hosted by the Federal Reserve Banks in the past.  Here's a 2005 article following one of these.   Here's a 2008 article.  And I wrote this article, just a few weeks ago. 

Thank you for reading this far. If you visit the Twitter feed, please follow me and let's connect. 

8-25-2025 - Exploring the Racial Wealth Gap - Federal Reserve Bank, July 12, 2022. click here
Note:  Search this blog for "Federal Reserve" to find more of their presentations. 

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