Saturday, July 17, 2021

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The website was created in 1998 by Steve Roussos, a PhD student from the University of Kansas, to support the annual Chicagoland tutor/mentor volunteer recruitment campaign. 

In 1999 I started putting my visual essays on the site, using PDFs created with Power Point and Quark Express. In 2006 the site was rebuilt on a Joomla platform and I made it into a library and planning tool that anyone could use to help youth and adults connect in organized, on-going, tutor, mentor and learning.

When I created the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC in 2011 I made this site my main resource.  I've added to it every year since then.  

In 2015, Wona Chang, an intern from South Korea, created two videos offering a tour of the website and the strategies of the Tutor/Mentor Connection, developed since 1993. They can be found as links on this Getting Started page. 

I've posted articles on this blog in the past to try to help people navigate the site.  This week I created a new presentation, using screen shots of each sub section, to aid people in understanding what was available in each section. 

I hope you'll go through this the same way you've go through a new shopping mall the first time.  Open each section, just to see what's there. Then return later to those you want to know more about.

While I focus this strategy on Chicago, where I've piloted it since 1993, and led a non-school tutor/mentor program from 1975 to 2011, the ideas, the concept maps, and the resource library, can be used in any area with high concentrations of  poverty spread over a wide geographic area.  

I'd be happy to walk people through the site, and would love to work with a university to set up a program to teach students to build and sustain information-based problem solving strategies, based on what I've tried to do in Chicago for so many years.

I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (see links here). I look forward to connecting with  you. 

There's one other page I'd like to call your attention to. It invites you and others to send small contributions to help me continue to do this work. 

Thank you to those who read and share my posts and to those who also send contributions! 

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