Monday, July 11, 2022

Creating visual essays since 1990s

This is one of the PDF essays that I've created since 1990s to visually describe the work being attempted by the Tutor/Mentor Connection, formed in 1993 and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, formed in 2011.

I started creating these in the 1990s when I realized that people were getting confused when I tried to explain the 4-part strategy developed in 1993 to  help volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs reach more k-12 kids in high poverty areas of Chicago, with constantly improving programs.

I've created more than 60 of these and started putting them on this page in the late 1990s.  Last week I shared a few Tweets, shown below, pointing to the different PDFs that are now in my web library.
Here's the second Tweet Here's the third Here's the fourth Here's the fifth
Here's the 6th And the next
And the final The last shows how interns from various colleges spent time looking at my blog articles and these PDF essays, then created their own versions, building new sills as they did so and adding new creativity to how the ideas were being communicated.

All of these are getting old, so I'd love to have students from Chicago go through them all and update them.  Furthermore, my goal/vision is that students in cities across the USA and the world would do the same, linking the presentations to maps of their own city's demographics and research showing the needs of youth and families where they live.

On this page I outlined a youth visualization competition, which would provide incentives for young people and adults to take on this work and would create an archive of work done, so others could learn from past work and make improvements, rather than always start from the beginning.

All it takes is one sponsor and one leader to make this idea a reality.

Can that be you? 

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