Friday, October 02, 2009

Dare to think of big goals, solving big problems.

In his blog on the Harvard Business Publishing site, Dan Pallata, says "Nonprofit organizations have to join forces and begin committing themselves to impossible goals that address the massive social problems we confront, and they must define those goals in time and space — a cure for MS in 10 years; the end of homelessness in Boston in 10 years, and so on."

He quotes Mark Kramer's recent article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, who wrote that, "because of fragmentation, redundancy, and the plethora of small organizations "there is little reason to assume that [nonprofits] have the ability to solve society's large-scale problems."

How's this for a starting point, "All kids born in poverty in 2010 will be starting jobs and 21st Century careers by 2035" . What do leaders need to do to make this happen? (see map here).

Who can help us frame this message to a "scale" that it will attract partners and investors to take ownership and make it a reality?

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