Sunday, January 29, 2012

A connected world

I just read this Made in the World article in the New York Times, written by THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN. I found about it through a post made in one of the Facebook groups that I follow.

I'm a small organization operating in Chicago since 1993. I focus on aggregating and sharing ideas and information that anyone can use to help kids in poor neighborhoods move through school with the help of mentors and structured non-school programs. My first exposure to e-learning was by following groups in Australia when I first went on-line in 1998. I use a web based map/directory to show where programs are needed. My first program locator was built in 2004 by a grad student from India. The Interactive Program locator was built by a team in India with a project manager in Baltimore.

Interns from Korea, China and India have been creating visualizations so more people understand our ideas...and they communicate some in their own language so the ideas are available in their own countries. As long as we can imagine new solutions to old problems the possibilities of finding talent to help build these solutions are unlimited.

What we need now are some sponsors and benefactors who will boost our ability to participate in this global marketplace of ideas and innovation. You can advertise with us or you can take a much greater role and help us build and sustain this social problem solving platform.

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