Thursday, January 05, 2012

Unmet Social Needs Worsen Health

This AMA News article titled "Unmet Social Needs Worsen Health" shows that "Although many physicians say their patients have health concerns caused by social issues, only 20% feel able to address them."

Over the past six years I've posted links to other articles showing the relationship between public health, poverty and education. One article titled Re-framing School Dropout as a Public Health Issue includes this quote: "Good education predicts good health, and disparities in health and in educational achievement are closely linked". This is from an article by Nicholas Freudenberg and Jessica Ruglis posted at

What can we do to recruit hospitals, insurance companies and health professionals to be owners and leaders of tutor/mentor strategies in their own communities? Here's an outline of a strategic plan that health leaders might use to develop their own strategy.

Read more related public health articles and follow the links.

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