Saturday, February 04, 2012

Birth to Work in Every Neighborhood

For many years I've used this graphic to try to illustrate the need for mentoring and rich learning supports at every age group, from first grade through high school graduation and into the workforce. I've created a concept map to illustrate this idea.

However, in my mind I see a three dimensional map of Chicago where you can see all of the high poverty neighborhoods. I've created maps like this which you can see at the Chicago Tutor/Mentor Program Locator site.

However, this does not really communicate the long-term nature of support needed the way I see it in my mind. So I tried today to create this image, combining one of my maps with a graphic of an oil well.
I'm sure some graphic designer could do this a thousand times better than I can. Maybe one of our will try.

However, as you read the articles I've posted on this blog, does this help you think of the stages of support that we need to make available to youth who don't have enough natural systems of career-focused mentoring in their neighborhood, because of the high levels of poverty?

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