Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Network Building - A Process

This graphic and this article describe a process of network-building that I've been doing informally and formally since I started leading a tutor/mentor program in 1975.

Below are a couple of message threads that illustrate this long-term process. The first is an email received from Vance Stevens last Monday after I had facilitated an on-line Webheads discussion on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012.

Thanks to Dan Bassill for his remarkable presentation yesterday. I found Dan's work to be very similar to that of Webheads except that his is much more focused on a tangible social goal. But both are exemplary attempts at bringing social media to bear on scaling our efforts beyond our immediate circles of those we can reach directly.

I posted the archive here:

You can find the recording here: from Blackboard Collaborate(Elluminate)
Thanks also to Ali Boumousa, Dave Weksler, and Indrit who joined us from Montreal, New Jersey, and Doha, respectively.

Then, today I received this message from John Hibbs

Hi Dan: You may or may not remember me by way of our talks about you being a presenter during Global Learn Day - I don't recall the
"Voyage Number - Seven? Eight? Six? In any event, though not an English language instructor, I am one of Webheads biggest fans; and like you, have "unlimited" respect for the work of Vance Stevens.

The two of your are truly remarkable people. By copy of this to Vance, I want to thank him and webheads for putting you on their stage last Sunday.

(I missed it but listened to the podcast, reviewed your web site, and like all that I saw and heard.) Congratulations!!!!!

I am now deeply involved in "Healthy Oceans" as per In fact, in a couple of days I will amend my "Plan" to include mention of your network and the model it offers.

When I make that post, I will send the URL. You might peek at the elements of the Plan here

Very short version here

Anyway this is simply to shake your hand in admiration and respect and sent in the hope we can find ways to work together. There may be more important issues than preserving and protecting the Ocean, but I am not sure what that would be. ...(although teaching ESL is pretty darn important too.)

Kind regards,

John Hibbs

I was introduced to John and Vance nearly 10 years ago and as I build my network with them they connect me to their networks. I'm honored by the praise both John and Vance offer and I'm equally impressed by their work.

I hope readers will follow the links and get involved with one or all of us.

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

On March 21, 2012 I received this complement from Jeane Russell, via Facebook.

‎Daniel F. Bassill this is off topic, but very top of mind. Yesterday I was looking at resources for social network development for Iiro Niemi, and I pointed to the work we did at the Tutor Mentor conference. And I want to publicly say how much I admire your persistence and devotion as well as the work you have built. Good for you! Go Daniel! Quite the ecosystem developer you are.