Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Charity Giving Report reinforces value of what I do

I posted this story last week, intending to challenge how we raise and distribute resources to support youth serving organizations in high poverty areas. Today I posted a story on the Mapping for Justice blog, pointing to a Chronicle of Philanthropy map showing philanthropic giving in every county in the USA.

I hope you'll look at these. Then look at this article from the Huffington Post, talking about the unequal distribution of philanthropic giving, and the impact of major donors, giving to fewer causes.

I hope that Bernie Sanders, Robert Putnam and Robert Reich will devote some of their considerable visibility to focusing attention on this inequality of funding, as a root cause, of inequality of opportunity.

However, I also hope that readers of this blog will devote just 15 minutes a week to reading and sharing my stories, or perhaps a little big longer, to creating their own version of these stories, on their own blog and social media pages.

How does this reinforce my belief in what I do? I'm an intermediary. I'm a catalyst. Every story I write is intended to nudge, influence, and inspire others to duplicate what I do, and share my own strategies and visions.

If I don't take this role, who will? If change is to happen, it has to come from you and me.

It has to come from the efforts of thousands of intermediaries, taking this role every day.

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