Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Monthly newsletter - please share

I've been using print and email newsletters for more than 20 years to share information and ideas that others can use to help build and sustain constantly improving, volunteer-based, tutor, mentor and learning programs in high poverty neighborhoods of Chicago and other cities. Here's the link to the current newsletter, which I sent today.

This graphic illustrates the goal of this blog, my newsletters, and my web sites. Each reader has the ability to share these ideas with people in their own networks. Each reader can lead a discussion within their church, business, synagogue, college and family network, building greater understanding of poverty, inequality, and ways volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs increase support for kids living in high poverty while also growing the empathy and involvement of people who don't live in poverty, but become personally engaged through their involvement in an on-going tutor/mentor program.

In the newsletter I point to the Making Learning Connected MOOC, which is a model that could be duplicated to engage thousands of people with the information and ideas shared in my newsletters. I don't have the resources to organize this myself, but seek to be a partner and content resource for those who might organize a MOOC like this.

Happy reading! I look forward to connecting and providing a valuable service to you.

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