Friday, July 17, 2015

How To Engineer Serendipity - Support Volunteer Engagement

Last September I posted an article under the headline of "Developing Talent: Unlocking the Passion of Employees" which I wrote after reading an article published by Deloitte.

Today one of my Facebook friends posted this article titled "How to Engineer Serendipity". It talks about the billions of dollars big business spends on innovation and how many companies are spending tons of money to enable employees to rub elbows with each other in informal settings.

In this blog and on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC site I've constantly encourage corporate leaders to support strategic involvement of employee volunteers in organized, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs, because of the way these programs expand the network and skills of people who get involved, and stay involved for many years.

Below is one of many presentations I've posted, showing ways volunteers can support the growth of tutor/mentor programs that transform the lives of kids AND VOLUNTEERS who get involved.

Mentor Role in Larger Youth Development Strategy by Daniel F. Bassill

In another article titled "R&D for Business Involvement" I point to additional reading that business leaders might consider.

If you're already spending billions of dollars to engineer serendipity and develop passionate employees, why not devote a few million dollars a year to strategically support employee involvement in cause they care about and where they will rub elbows with all sorts of other people.

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