Monday, September 05, 2022

Labor Day - Volunteer Recruitment

I hope everyone enjoys this Labor Day and honors workers who have helped make this country a great place to live.   Since 1995 I've hosted volunteer recruitment campaigns each year to draw volunteers to youth-serving tutor and/or mentor programs in the Chicago region, just as school is starting for the new year.

Over the weekend I posted Tweets pointing to articles I wrote in the past.  Take a look. 

This is from 2018 I wrote about mentoring programs as a jobs creation strategy in 2011 and again in 2015 This was from 2017 I started this blog in 2005. Below is a September Tweet from 2006 Find my list of Chicago area youth tutor and/or mentor programs at this link.   

If you're part of a Chicago area tutor/mentor program I encourage you to post at least one Tweet a week pointing to work your organization is doing.  Below is an example of what's possible.  If I can draw attention to a youth-serving program with a Tweet, so can anyone else.  I use Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as Twitter. I hope you'll connect with me on one or more of these platforms.  

Let our labor be efforts that make life brighter for others, not just for ourselves or our immediate families. 

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